The Barn Swallow (European Swallow) is not an endangered species. In fact it is currently plentiful. Why then does this little bird receive so much attention?
It is because the Swallow has an extraordinary lifestyle – a lifestyle that takes it across the Globe and which brings it in close contact with humans.
This awesome spectacle, half an hour before sunset, of the Barn Swallows coming home to roost every night has become a world wide attraction as a Natural Wonder and Global Treasure.

In South Africa, as spring arrives in September, the migratory Barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) start to appear. At Mount Moreland, South Africa’s largest roost, the initial small flocks swell to thousands and then millions of Barn Swallows. By November up to 3 million Barn Swallows can be seen every evening over the Lake Victoria wetland roost.

The reedbed roost site the Swallows have chosen is a wetland, locally known as the Barn Swallows global Lake Victoria Wetland, it is covered with indigenous Phragmities reeds.
The Barn Swallows at Mount Moreland and their roosting habitat are now recognized as a world famous site and IBA (International Birding Area).

The now famous Barn Swallows of Mount Moreland return during late October. Visitors are welcome to visit the view-site in the last week in October but the best viewing months are November, and March. Visitors need to come half an hour before sunset, check the Map for directions. You need to bring own chairs, sun-downers and snacks, binoculars and anti-mozzie cream.
A R10.00 per person fee is charged on entrance. Barn Swallow mementos and information booklets are on sale at the main table.

The Barn Swallow viewing site is open every day during the Swallow season.
The Mount Moreland Conservancy is the organization behind all this.
Your support is really important in helping to ensure the well being of the Barn Swallows now and into the future.

Barn Swallow book
Barn Swallow Booklet

Buy a copy of The Barn Swallow booklet and learn more about the Barn Swallows that visit the famous roosting site at Mount Moreland, KZN, South Africa. An informative booklet produced about the life of barn swallows in Southern Africa. Richly illustrated with photographs and interesting facts and stories, it is a must. It not only provides board based information on the ever popular barn swallow but will intrigue readers with its detailed descriptions on the Mt Moreland Roost – South Africa’s largest barn swallow roost – in the heart of the coastal tourist belt of KwaZulu/Natal on South Africa’s East Coast located at Mount Moreland. This fascinating booklet is ideal for anyone with an interest in birds and anyone planning a visit to South Africa.

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