Barn Swallows in USA | 22 July 2015 Southwick Mass. USA: I wanted to let you know the. Barn Swallows had departed for the season,I think! We haven’t seen them for a couple days. There were probably 20 by the time they left.

A good mild season for them here . But seemed short. It’s about 2 weeks early for the departure. Happy birding, Karen

7 July 2015 USA: Every spring, barn swallows return to our Loveland, CO neighborhood and settle in the mud nest above our front porch. I’m devastated because this year two different “couples” tried to settle there but something has killed all four of them. The first couple was killed about two weeks after they came to the nest, then a few months passed and the other couple settled there. About a month after, they were killed. Whatever is killing them decapitates the bird, leaves the body for a few hours, then takes the body away (unless something else is taking the bodies). The dead bodies are usually on top of our roof and I’ve never seen them taken, they’re just gone a while later. We had an owl this winter in the neighborhood but we haven’t seen or heard it all spring/summer long. There are bald eagles on the other side of our neighborhood but we’ve never seen them flying near our home. There are no cats (domestic or feral) in the area, plus, other swallows are doing fine nesting on the porches of some of our neighbors.

It’s all very upsetting to me, every year we’ve seen baby birds and I love to show my little girl the birds at night when the entire family is huddled in the nest. Let me know if you might have a theory. Thank you! Alisa
I wrote to Barn Swallow expert
Anders Pape MØLLER for his input, here is his reply:
Lots of animals make life difficult for swallows. These include falcons, hawks, barn owls, rats, martens and many others. If this happened at night, most likely it was rats or owls. If it was rats or martens, the best protection is to spray chili pepper on the rim of the nest – mammals do not like that, but birds do not mind and it is cheap.
All the best, Anders

6 July 2015 Barn Swallows in USA: I have tons of barn swallows.  One couple has claimed my porch.  A few days ago 3 babies were born.  I have been watching them and noticed something I never seen before.  Both parents feed the babies. but the babies regurgitate a white substance.  The parent then takes it away.  It’s a yucky thing to see.

Do you have any idea what this is?  Are they sick?  or is it just something baby swallows do?
I wrote to Barn Swallow expert Anders Pape MØLLER for his input, here is his reply:

I have never heard about this or seen anything similar before. To me this sounds like a toxic or unpalatable prey item that the young try to get rid of.
All the best, Anders

26 May 2015

mid-west United States : I live in the country and for the last 20 years have had barn swallows nest on our house and barn.  In the past they arrive about May and leave early fall.  Last year we had five mud nests on the house and garage with dozens more in the area – on power lines, etc..  This year we have only seen four.  There is one nesting pair that have returned, but that is all.  There are none others flying over the pond, on the power lines or seen anywhere.  Do you have any idea why?  Thank you for any ideas.

REPLY: There are a number of reasons for a small return
1) they may still be coming……….they left the Southern hemisphere later than usual and with good weather on route they would be in no hurry
2) Food, if there is less insect activity then there will be fewer swallows
3) We have noted weather pattern changes (Global warming), this in turn impacts on the insects
4) Severe weather in close proximity, they sense this and will seek safer quarters
This is nature and it does change constantly, that is what keeps us watching, questioning, wondering and interested

31 August 2014 Southwick ,Massachusetts, U.S.A: Time to report, The Barn swallows  were here really late this year. 8/31/2014. This is nearly a full month longer than usual. I’m not complaining. I do miss their happy chatter when they are gone. I guess fall is around the corner , although it is 90* today.

Happy Birding Karen – Photos taken in Nebraska,USA. By Ed Henry
Barn Swallows in USA
Barn Swallows in USA

26 June 2014

Barn Swallows in USA: Our sweet little swallows arrive approximately the same time each year and have been doing so for the past 5 years.  I keep a calendar of events regarding them.  Thank you so much for your record keeping and sharing.  They are very, very special to our family each year.
2014’ Arrival:  April 10th
4 eggs in nest   May   20th
Born                 June   7th
Fledged            June   21st
1 egg laid in same nest – June 26th   Don’t know if it’s from same male/female or not.
Kathy Allen

1 June 2014 Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States: I just found you on the web as my husband and I are VERY unhappy. For years, we have had both the Barn swallows and the regular ones. This year we have about half of the others and only about 4 nests of the Barn swallows. My husband said that he has found 2 Barn swallows dead.

The whole Eco is different. We have always had a large group of the Red Rufus humming birds fighting over the humming bird feeders, this year for the first time, we haven’t had one. Now we have a smaller group of a small brownish humming birds and they are VERY shy.
My forest is still alive with song birds, we have had some sightings of hawks.
Doris Loeffler

8 April 2014 Countryside Lake, Illinois, USA : A wonderful day today. Temp 60°, partly sunny, huge billowing clouds, chance of rain. Saw 1 BS and then there were 4, and now about 8. Settle down on treetops by pond. See pic.

Can’t see too well but there are 3 BS in treetops, 1flew off to the left as I took pic.
Thanks so much for all you do Angie.
Glenn R Kuffer
Barn Swallows USA

25 Dec 2013 Illinois, USA: It’s winter here in Illinois. The temperature this morn -5°. Lotsa snow; suppose to get 3-4in snow tonight. I would like to wish you and all your family and friends a wonderful and very blessed Merry Christmas. I’m already looking forward to the return of the barn swallows this spring.
Thanks again for all you do. Glenn R Kuffer

Barn Swallows USA
Barn swallow xmas

Barn Swallows in USA | 10 Sept 2013

Illinois, USA: It’s been a disappointment this year concerning our Barn Swallows. We’ve lived here for 26 yrs and have enjoyed the Barn Swallows every year.
They have nested on our gazebo, in our garage, dog house, and several other areas of our home.
This year the Barn Swallows returned as I had indicated to you last spring. No nesting around our home. No 20-40 flying around the pond. They fly overhead every evening but only 4-6 at a time.
I hope your looking forward to their return to your area.
They are just about ready to take flight. I’ve attached a pic of our pond/wetland area.  Enjoy, Glenn R Kuffer

2 July 2013 We have had 4 nest (one new)
this go round. They have all hatched sometime the last week of June. Approx three to each nest. Bonnie Young

Barn Swallows USA

23 May 2013 Mississippi, USA:  One of the babies of six started flying today. Make that two. A parent teaching flight on back porch from the other group. Looks like all 3 broods have flight school today. By Bonnie Young.

Barn Swallows USA
Barn Swallows USA

9 June 2013 Denton, Texas USA: My baby barn swallows keep coming back to the nest. This is the third night. They all pile in and last night mom and dad perched on top! I am in town, but have lots of trees and open area around. They turned the old mud dauber nest into a bird’s nest this last spring. They are quite used to us walking out on the porch and the grand kids love them. of course so do I.
I will miss them when they go. By Chery Brainerd

Barn Swallows in USA