16 April 2015 Bulgaria: Spring has arrived at last, although the last winter was not too severe. Some snow, ice and very cold days but it was not too bad, kids just love to toboggan down the slopes in the park, endless fun.
Around our area we have a lot of trees and parks, it seems just in the last few weeks there are new buds, spring flowers and butterflies appearing. And yesterday I heard and saw our swallow friends arrived back at last, it makes one feel springtime is official. Pity I cannot send you the fragrance from the flower and blossoms, it is indeed lovely. Best regards Patrick 

Barn Swallows in Bulgaria | 14 August 2014 Bulgaria: We only managed a few days in the village, and the day after we left the swallow’s chicks also left?Barn Swallows in Bulgaria 2014 My wife’s parents were little sad and felt deserted?

Anyhow back in Sofia city we on the 11th floor and I constantly hear the little creature flying around the blocks, with their hi pitched sounds, they are such a vision of freedom and cheerfulness? Days are starting to get shorter, although it is very hot here now, inevitably like the long sunny warm days our friendly swallows  will leave.  Anyhow even until late in the evenings they entertain with their playful freedom loving antics.
I will try to get some more pics, a friend is into photography and hopefully he will agree to help?   

best regards

27 July 2014 Bulgaria: Greetings from Sofia. Just to send few Barn Swallows in Bulgaria 2014pics and let you know what is happening here. Summer solstice has already passed, and swallows are all over the city area.
Especially in the mornings and evening they seem to swarm and fly around the tops of the buildings in large groups chirping and seem to be having fun?
It is not so easy for me to see them as they quite high up, but we went to the farm few weeks ago, and the swallows that normally nest there are back as usual, but this time they manage to get indoors? The wife’s parents don’t really approve, and the swallows have to make their nests under the eves, but this year the sneaked in. I don’t know all details or what type they are but i love them anyhow.
The last winter was very mild, only few days of snow, many people say that spring is really here after you notice the swallows.
At the village the swallow parents were a little stressed at the new people; wife, Nina (3 year old) and me, but they soon got used to us and were flying past our heads to get to feed the chicks.
Only had a cell phone camera, so pics not to professional, Nina and i sat for long periods watching the swallow parents flying in and out, also we watched swarms flying over the tops of the houses, they just seem so sweet and happy.
Nina just loves to watch them. It is very pretty area near veliko turnovo, summer is super, just wild flowers, bees, plumbs, and the air is so sweet.
Best regards Patrick Barclay | Barn Swallows in Bulgaria

Barn Swallows in Bulgaria 2014
Barn Swallows in Bulgaria 2014
Barn Swallows in Bulgaria 2014

7 November 2011 Barn Swallows in Bulgaria By Patrick Barclay

 I saw this website and it’s really great. I actually live in Sofia, but my wife’s parents live on a farmstead near Veliko Turnovo. Barn Swallows in Bulgaria 
 After the icy cold winters it is such a thrill to see the Barn Swallows come back and the nest under the veranda. In fact one can reach out a touch the nests it is so close. I did take some pics but unfortunately they not clear. 
  Anyhow Bulgaria has very cold winters, but the spring and summer are super, a lot of storks nest on church buildings and even homes, people really love them. 
I will try to get better pics of the swallows and send them next time. I am not too clued up with the different varieties but I would love to learn more. 
 Once we found a baby hawk with a broken wing just outside our building in Sofia, so we took it and kept it on our veranda for two months and released it near a dam about 20 km east in the mountains. Barn Swallows in Bulgaria
 Last summer when we went to the farm; the Barn Swallows had been nesting inside the house, in the stairway. Problem was Letti’s parents had to leave the door open so they could get in and out. They caused quite a mess and flies and insects came in as well. They were banned from indoors, but it was so funny they sat on the door handle and close-by flapping and complaining the place was closed? 
Anyhow they then rebuilt and nested under the veranda’s roof again where they normally nested. 

Barn Swallows in BulgariaIn the city we also have a lot of Barn Swallows, but it is not  so easy to get close to them as it is on the farm, the swallows are very relaxed and feel safe there. 
 Most people generally love them, and believe they bring good luck, it is just awesome to sit and watch them building, hatching, and being so busy. 
 My wife and I are both animal, and bird lovers, we hoping to join a nature club here some time.
 Next season I will try to take some more pics, and I will try to get close ups to see better. 
Last spring we heard a strange sharp screeching sounds from our 11th floor apartment down in the trees? The sounds were all around and we went down to investigate; it was owls. Letti traced the sounds and then spotted them in the trees and buildings, probably dozens and dozens, very rare.  
(Mind you no one ever complains about rats or mice in this part of the city.) Best regards Patrick. 
Barn Swallows in Bulgaria
Barn Swallows in Bulgaria