Barn Swallows in Belgium | 23 Jan 2015 Belgium: By Ali
Barn Swallow Belgium 2015

Belgium: today 19:30 I am the first to have baby Swallows. Man made nests have grown in resident , we now have 10 nests occupied.
2 nests, 2010:
1 nest, 2011:
6 nests, 2012:
10 nests, 2015
Ali Aghroum

Barn Swallows in Belgium

31 May 2014 Belgium: Hungry baby Barn Swallows by Ali Aghroum
Barn Swallows in Belgium

24 May 2014  Belgium: This morning, a friend sent me a video on You tube of barn swallows in a garage.
3 young children were seen with tennis rackets hitting above as the barn swallows flew overhead and against the walls. There was blood everywhere, many died.
This video has circulated on you tube for 5 years, a chance it was seen only 70 times when I saw it. A child may enter ‘swallows’ on you tube and come across this video.
I spent 2 hours of my time this morning to call the heads of major associations in Belgium and France. You tube immediately erased the video from its site.
By making this kind of videos on you tube, these people who made these terrible acts and recorded them are guilty of a very serious crime , they should be severely punished.
Ali Aghroum

4 Jan 2014 Belgium: hundreds of hours with them – photos: Ali 2013. My dream of building a real nest with us, and I think I will find the solution in 2014 – Ali Aghroum
Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows in Belgium | 15 Aug 2013 Belgium: Here the same swallows made a nest for the second brood behind our farm.
One of the last occupation was in early July. They often move nest after the first breeding in our farm because of parasites that can kill them. They can be found even on the frozen ground covered with parasites, swallows House Martin - Belguimand I found the same case with the rustic.
The biggest killers are travel, weather, parasites … and because of man, especially the destruction of nests, ignorance of life, the lack of mud …etc
Now the second brood began 15 days ago. Small gatherings begin in the evening, I have a great opportunity to observe every night more than 150 in front of our farm is surrounded by two rivers.
For me, new discoveries about this extraordinary bird to us. And say that there is no explanation of certain phenomena, for me with future years and experience, the answers will come.
Artificial nests are a solution to help but it is not the best, because at one point they abandon nests if they are not clean they will not return.
For me, the only solution so they do not disappear is to protect existing colonies they rebuild real nests, the solution is there. How?
I do a lot of testing with nests and one solution is to remove the previous year occupied artificial nests from the roof of 15 cm to the bottom of the ledge.
I have an incredible opportunity to study every day in a natural place for me and a third brood of martins is impossible in our country. Do the math, it’s simple.
Thank you all, Ali

1 Aug 2013 Belgium: Soon be free, a rare moment for me – Ali Aghroum.

Belgium: House Martins by Ali Aghroum. This morning 07/07/2013, 10:40, the miracle of life.

Belgium House Martin chicks by Ali Aghroum

28 March 2013 Belgium: Nature suffers with the cold in the valley – Ali Aghroum

Barn Swallows in Belgium
Barn Swallows in Belgium

26 May 2013 Belgium: House Martins by Ali Aghroum

House Martins by Ali Aghroum

26 April 2013 Belgium: Swallow coin and man made swallow nests – Ali

Barn Swallows in Belgium
Barn Swallow Man made swallow nests

13 January 2013 Belgium life artwork goes on facility today, glacial, Eben 13/01/2013 thank you to all the village to protect the birds legend next to the church. 2009 12 occupied nests – 2012 more 50 nests occupied hundreds of swallows soon. By Ali Aghroum

Barn swallow metal work

2 September 2012 Belgium: Last photos of House Martin babies prior to the start of the long migration – Ali

House Martins
House Martins
Barn Swallow metal work
Barn Swallows in Belgium | Happy Christmas 25 December 2012
many Barn Swallows in the tower

by Ali Hirondelles

A message for the protection of life.
Our beautiful valley one of the last green areas, where the tower is installed between Wonck and Eben – Emael. Our valley has changed much in 20 years less of life, birds, bees, trees, flowers …….. In this world of increasingly artificial, happiness is also found in nature and the swallow is the indicator of life it gives us an important message: biodiversity is in serious danger, it disappears everywhere in Belgium, he are simple solutions: make your home a haven

I promise to make a shelter:

1: I create the conditions for the installation of fauna and flora
Protecting birds and nature ensuring the tranquility of the place, especially during sensitive periods such as during the nesting and extreme cold.
By diversifying and landscaping, according to the surface of my Refuge, supportive environments for wildlife and flora, as a hedge rustic, a pond or a dry stone wall.
By favoring the planting of species that grow naturally in my area, more weather resistant and suitable for local wildlife.

2: I renounce chemical
By adopting a method of ecological management of my Refuge and preferring the technical manual weeding or organic products if intervention is really necessary.
Preferring natural fertilizers (compost, manure nettle, etc..) For demanding plants such as fruit trees or vegetables, promoting associations of plants and auxiliary reducing disease.

3: I reduce my environmental impact Environmental citizens by adopting gestures, including using reasonable resources such as water and recycling my household waste.

4: I do my hunting area without a Refuge for Biodiversity
Me in pledging not to hunt in my Refuge if located in an area where hunting may be exercised.

Life is good, protect nature for future generation, our children, all advice is free: 0475/82/28/86. thank you Ali

Barn Swallow Tower
Barn Swallow Tower

4 April 2011 Unusual Barn Swallow & House Martin Crafts Submitted by : Ali Hirondelles – farm village – Wonck – Belgium

Unusual Barn Swallow & House Martin Crafts
tn-swallow wood carving
Unusual Barn Swallow & House Martin Crafts
Unusual Barn Swallow & House Martin Crafts