Barn Swallows Global Records

Barn Swallow Global Records are a way of mapping the Barn Swallows time of arrival and departure worldwide seasonally. We invite you, where ever you live to become apart of the Barn Swallow World Challenge by submitting Barn Swallow migration dates of arrival to your country and when they leave.

Through these Barn Swallow records, with your contribution it is hoped to establish previously unknown information on the Barn Swallow migration which is relevant in today’s climate with the increase of environmental pressure from global warming.

We would like to take this opportunity and Thank all those that have participated and submitted information for inclusion in the Barn Swallow Global Records.

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Barn Swallow arrivals south
Barn Swallow departure from south
Barn Swallow arrivals north
Barn Swallows departure from north

We are very interested to discover and map Global Records, when and where in Europe and the rest of the world the Barn Swallows are arriving and/or leaving during the migration.

We ask that you fill in the form or send a short email to
Stating your….

1) Name
2) City / Town
3) Country
4) Date you saw the Barn swallows arriving or departing ?

That’s it, become a part of this unique swallow global mapping project, no previous experience required. After the swallows have arrived, what dates do they start nesting?
This information will be used to create a chart that might reveal some very interesting information over time.

We look forward to your participation in the Barn Swallow migration Global Records and look forward to hearing from you soon
Best Wishes


Global Records of Barn Swallow arrivals and departures worldwide
ongoing – updated as received

Barn Swallow Global Records

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 ‘One Swallow doesn’t make a summer.’