Barn Swallows times of arrival and display patterns are different every single evening during the Barn Swallow season depending on many varying factors. This Daily Log is designed to show and tell on a daily basis what is happening and witnessed on site with regards to the Barn Swallows, weather permitting.

Over the years the Barn Swallow Daily Log has recorded many extra ordinary observations and Barn Swallow activities at the Barn Swallow roosting grounds at Mount Moreland.

The Lake Victoria reedbed is the most used reedbed for the Barn Swallows with Froggy Pond being used very 8 to 10 years

Barn Swallow 2010-2011
Barn Swallow daily log 2011-2012
Barn Swallow daily log 2012-2013
Barn Swallow daily log 2013-2014
Barn Swallow daily log 2014-2015
Barn Swallow daily log 2015-2016
Barn Swallow

Fables & Sayings

 The Barn Swallow is a bird that chooses a mate for life. Therefore a Barn Swallow is a symbol for love and loyalty to the family.

Barn Swallows 20 Dec 2013 Mount Moreland
Barn Swallows 2 Feb 2015
Barn swallows 4-11-2013
Barn Swallows 24 Dec 2014